GDPR Permissions Policy

Company: Cranmore Garage Ltd

Author: Data Protection Team

Date Created: 01/03/18

Date Revised: 01/05/18

Version Number: V1.0

Location: Online

Change/Verification Frequency: Annual or upon any material change

Below are our policies to comply with GDPR legislation. Our Data Processing Officer is: Data Protection Team. All queries and information requests should be forwarded to him/her in writing at:

Cranmore Garage Ltd, Drayton Road, Cranmore Business Park, Shirley, Solihull. B90 4NG

Information we process.

As an automotive dealership, our primary use for holding and processing Individual data is for contractual and legislative purposes.

We do not share data with any third parties outside of the provision of contractual or legislative services.

We may from time to time communicate with individuals to notify them when the Government mandated MOT inspection is due or to inform them of Legitimate Interest products or services.

Privacy, Consent and Individual Rights.

Marketing. Data may be used to communicate with customers and manufacturers about warranty, MOT renewal dates, customer service reminders and promotional information relevant to the services we offer. These communications are included as they are classified as being of Legitimate Interest to the recipient. We will cease all communications to customers if the customer account is dormant for more than 3 years. Should the recipient wish to be excluded from these communications, they must write to us to confirm their request and we will exclude them for future communications within 40 days of receipt of the request.

Subject Access. In terms of providing copies of the data we hold, we will upon receipt of a written request provide hard copies of any invoices, quotations and work orders within 40 days of receiving the request.

Individual Data Rights. In terms of providing the right to erase data, data portability and the right to object we are obliged to follow the request as determined by the nature of the data and its processing as defined in the table below.

Individual notification of Data Rights.

All Quotations, estimates, invoices and contract related communications will not be subject to the right to erasure, portability or the right to object and no option to opt-out will be provided.

MOT reminders and marketing campaigns will be subject to the Legitimate Interest test and an option to opt-out will be provided.

Web sites, promotional emails and promotional SMS messages will carry the statement “To opt-out of marketing communications or to view our GDPR policies, please write to us at “Contact Name, Address” and we will process your request.”

All requests must be submitted in writing and will be actioned within 40 working days of receiving the request. The right to portability only applies to data that is processed electronically.